Our Story

Our story began 20 years ago under the umbrella of a world renowned Scottish cashmere company, Dawson International, PLC: the parent company of esteemed brands, Pringle of Scotland, Ballantyne Cashmere, and Todd & Duncan Cashmere Yarns.

Today we remain a nimble team, having established a standalone US company with offices in the Boston area, New York, and Shanghai. From fiber to garment, we carry with us the knowledge of and experience accumulated over years spent in every aspect of a global luxury knitwear, wovens and accessories business..

Quality you can count on

We adhere to strict European production standards that are consistent with our heritage. Highly respected in the industry, we are known for:

  • Premium quality
  • Strong product knowledge
  • The ability to quickly develop a clear and comprehensive understanding of our
    customers’ needs
  • Exceptional service throughout all stages of development from concept through to delivery

Our comprehensive quality control process is managed from our Shanghai office and includes:

  • Extensive product testing throughout all stages of production  (raw materials, yarns,  fabric panels, and finished garments)
  • Constant monitoring during manufacturing from pre-production through to final inspection
  • A Letter of Continuing Guarantee on file with the US Federal Trade Commission indicating that Dawson-Forte bears complete responsibility for product compliance with US labeling laws


Dawson Forte has been recognized for our focus and commitment to social and environmental integrity, including:

  • Treating our customers, employees, partners and suppliers with integrity and respect
  • Transparency and the responsible use of resources
  • The highest levels of safety for consumers and all those working in our supply chain
  • Eliminating all substances posing any risk to people and the environment from our  products and processes


SELL THROUGH: We provide you with a full line of services to ensure that the product you buy is of exceptional quality, on trend and on time; positioning you for strong sell-through performance.

MARGIN: Our extensive experience and diverse production capabilities enable us to engineer a quality product that gives you the best chance of meeting your price and margin objectives.

COMPLIANCE: Leave the worries to us. When partnering with Dawson Forte, you benefit from our rigorous product testing and keen focus on social and environmental responsibility.